I can do human and humanoids! I can't draw animals though. Below is a table of prices and samples! When you order, please put down what type of shot you want (headshot, bust, half body, fully body) and the level of completion (Lineart, flat color, shaded). All commissions come with a simple background for free. I will charge extra if you don't have a visual reference, so please bring one! Be sure to check out my Terms of Service before you decide to commission!

PricingHeadshotBustHalf BodyFull Body
Lineart Only$5$7$10$15
Flat Color$6$9$13$20

Above the shoulders

Above the chest

Half Body
Above the hips

Full Body
This doesn't need an explanation, does it?

Lineart Only
Includes the option to change the overall color of the lines!

Flat Color
Patterns and simple designs are included under this

The overall color of the shadows can be tinted in any color!

Other Services

I can do full body concept sketches! Great for another OC reference, or if you want a framework to do lineart/coloring on.

$5 No Color

$10 Colored

Finishing Touches!
I can add a shadow or a glow tint and alter the color of the lineart to enhance the overall image of your commission! This is a $2 extra charge across all commission types, but an extra $4 if the commission is a full body or includes an extra character. If the commission is a full body and includes an extra character, this will be a $6 charge.

Add an Extra Character!
This will be an extra 50% of the base price.

Upgrades/Special Requests!
If you have a special request or want to upgrade your commission, please contact me on Twitter here or send me an email here for more details.


Commissioning me means that you agree to the terms below. The long and the short of it is—please pay me upfront, please give me all relevant information when asked, and please be civil (which is surprisingly hard for some people). I have a no refund policy, unless under certain circumstances detailed in Payment Exceptions. I’ll be giving you frequent updates as to the status of your commission. Thank you! <3

Artist Rights and Responsibilities

The seller will complete the commission to the best of their abilities, as agreed upon the terms prior to the client’s payment.

The artist may choose to use the client’s commission as part of their portfolio or public showcase.

If the artist is unable to complete the commission due to family/personal emergency, the artist will notify the client that the commission is canceled, and payment will be promptly refunded.

For Art Commissions

Depending on the type of commission, the seller will take no longer than a week (sketch), three weeks (lineart), or three months (colored, shaded, final touches) to complete. If the time allotted has passed without any prior request for an extension by the artist, the client’s payment may be refunded and the commission completed for free.

The artist will consult the client at each stage (sketch, lineart, colored, shaded, final touches) to ensure the commission is to their satisfaction.

The artist is able to refuse service to the client at any time during the commission. If the client has paid, the artist may choose to complete the commission upon the initially agreed upon terms provided the client does not breach any other clause in this contract.

The artist has a right to record all conversations with the client for future use in regards to the commission, such as disputes. Any personal information (such as the client’s name, date of birth, etc) will not be shown, unless under investigation by legal authorities. (Which would be weird, but I might as well put this in just in case)

Editing Commissions

Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

Client agrees to pay the full price for the commission upfront. The artist may choose to not begin work on the commission until payment is confirmed and processed. Their spot on the “Commissions Available” board will be held for a maximum of one week before being dropped if payment is not received. This is non-refundable. All sales final, except for the few exceptions listed under “Payment Exceptions”.

The artist will contact the client at various stages throughout the commission to consult/confirm various details about the commission to ensure the commission is to the client's satisfaction. As such, please provide the artist the information requested promptly and adequately to ensure they can complete the commission to the best of their ability. The client may ask the artist to do minor adjustments during this time. Failure to do so may result in the artist canceling the client’s commission with no refund.

The client may contact the artist to request a dispute if they are unsatisfied with their artwork after recieving it, in which the artist may do minor edits/alterations until it matches the client's satisfaction for free. This can only happen once. Services listed under “Final Touches” of the commission board are not considered minor edits/alterations.

Any artwork from the artist can only be for personal use. Claiming it as your own work or attempting to profit off of it is prohibited. Please contact the artist to obtain permission if you plan to use it commercially. Otherwise, assume it is not allowed.

The client will observe basic social etiquette. Any language that implicitly or explicitly demeans, undervalues, harrasses, etc. the artist, their work, previous clients, future clients, or anyone in general, may prompt the artist to immediately cancel the commission with no refunds allowed.

The client can choose to cancel the commission. They may be refunded fully if the artist has not begun the artwork. Payment is nonrefundable after the artist begins commission, however.

If the artist has not completed the commission after the agreed-upon date, the client can contact the artist and request a follow-up, in which their commission may be completed and payment is fully refunded.

The client has the right to record any conversations with the artist for future use, such as in disputes with the artist.

The client has the right to contact the artist at any point in their commission’s creation for a status update or to provide input in the commission’s creation.

The client has the right to inquire for more information about the artist’s work and pricing prior to commissioning them. That includes further clarification on any and all clauses stated in this document.

The client has the right to request for an upgrade (a commission that is more expensive than the initial request) to their commission at any time in the process. All clauses stated will apply, and the artist may ask for additional payment.

The client has the right to request a downgrade to their commission (a commission that is less expensive than the initial request). The artist may refund the difference if they have not begun that stage of the process. Otherwise, the no-refund policy applies.

Payment Exceptions

If the artist is unable to complete the commission due to family/personal emergency, the artist will notify the client that the commission is canceled, and payment will be promptly refunded.

If the client chooses to cancel prior to the artist beginning their commission, they will be refunded the full amount paid if payment occurred. Payment is nonrefundable after the artist begins commission, however.

The client has the right to request a downgrade to their commission. The artist may refund the difference if they have not begun that stage of the process. Otherwise, the no-refund policy applies.

Commissions Over $20

For commissions over $20, there is an option to split the payment. 50% will need to be paid upfront, with the other 50% to be paid once the commission is completed. There is one week from the time the commission is completed to pay the remaining 50% before a late fee is applied. An extra $20 will be added to the end total each day past the due date. Canceling a commission over $20 will also incur a cancelation fee of 50% of the Commission's price + $20.

Editing Commissions

Suggestions and Proofreading $20
I provide proofreading and tailored suggestions on how to improve your creatively written work. Which includes doing:

Voice & Tone ConsistencyStructural EditDevelopmental EditProofreadingReview & Critique
My flat rate is $20 for the first 10,000 words, and $2 for every 500 words after. Copyediting is an additional $5, with $1 for every 500 words after the initial 10,000.

What do you do?

I provide proofreading services and in-depth, highly tailored, dedicated suggestions of how to improve your creatively written work and technical writing skills. New to creative writing? Need a passionate beta? Want tips on how to be a better writer? I can do that!

Why Hire Me?

By hiring me, you are investing in your future as a creative storyteller. I'm not only helping improve your work, but your skills as a writer as well. I'm not working to turn your story into a one-hit wonder—I'm working to help you be the one that makes wonders. I:

Am extremely driven in ensuring that your work is elevated to the next level, and that you walk away with a stronger technical writing skillset.Am well-versed with mainstream media and can provide feedback on how your work will be received amongst adolescents and teens.Can help provide fresh ideas to your story's plot, setting, characters, and more.Work well with anyone and maintain a professional, friendly, upbeat attitude.Work best for casual writings, passion projects, and new writers!

Want to commission me? Contact me here!